Michel Roux

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Recipe of the month - Honey lacquered duck breast on crushed mint peas and spinach, potato fondant and duck jus

Ingredients for 2 person

2 duck breast
50 grams pecan nuts
50 grams honey

50ml chicken stock
100 ml Soya sauce

70 grams salted butter

200 grams frozen peas
10 grams fresh mint
20 grams baby spinach 

3 large potatoes

Score the skin of the duck breast and add salt on the skin, seal off the duck skin side down on a low heat until golden and crispy without any oil in the pan.
When ready to serve cook the duck 180 degrees for 15mins.
Remove the duck from the pan and set aside, in the same pan add honey, soya sauce, nuts, butter, chicken stock and reduce until sauce consistency.
Blanch frozen peas for 3 minutes in salt water, strain and add to pan with some butter on a low heat; whilst cooking crush the peas with a fork and the chop mint seasoning
Sauté spinach in butter and season, then add to crushed peas

For the starch peel the potatoes and cut 3 x 3 cube sizes, blanch until soft in the centre and deep fry at the end just before plating.

For the garnish melt 40 grams of honey with 40 grams of sugar in a little water and then pour over the duck.

Bon Appetit!