Michel Roux

Monday, 7 November 2011

Open Day at Lazanou

This was the second time that we attended the Open Day at this certified organic Estate in Wellington - what a beautiful way to spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon! The event is limited to only 30 guests - exclusivity is guaranteed! The day started off with a nicely chilled glass of their new blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier... so new that the bottles had not even been labeled yet! (The wine will only be released in 10 days time so make sure you get your allocation!) Before the very informative tour around the Estate antipasti platters were served as starters - homemade butter and cheese, minted lamb mince balls, crudités from their own veggie garden, dolmades and freshly baked bread along with juicy olives and tapenade. The tour started at the vegetable garden and continued on past Charlie Brown and Gertrude (who kindly sponsored the milk for the tasty cheese and butter) as well as Lambert and his family. Once at the vineyards, Josef Lazarus (the owner of the Estate) filled us in on the "vineyard facts" and we had the opportunity to taste all the different wines. A walk around the dam took us back to our table where main course was now being served. Organic beef fillet grilled to perfection on the braai along with a buffet of Caprese salad, spanakopita, slaw, onion tart, beet root and green salad. Needless to say that all the ingredients came from their own garden and in case of the Mozzarella, from Buffalo Ridge Estate in Wellington. By the time there was absolutely no space left in our tummies, dessert came along. Fresh fruit, rhubarb compote, almond & orange cake as well as a cheese board, what a treat! Complete re-energized and with two boxes of delicious wine to look forward to we waved goodbye to the Lazanou team. See you next time!

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